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40GP Container Mini Karaoke Machines Shipped Out

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Portable mini karaoke machine as a electronics gifts and children toys,it is in hot selling.

Main Selling Points as below: 

  1. Bluetooth connection;

  2. 7 kinds LED light flashing mode;

  3. TWS speaker and microphones;

  4. 6 kinds magic sound;

  5. The heart-shape silicone part can be customized with other patterns;

  6. Customers can choose only speaker/ speaker+1pc microphone/ speaker+2pcs microphones




The materials we used like below:


If there is any need,welcome to contact with us by

Our company has construction engineers and electronic engineer team, mold room, more than 20 sets of injection machines, SMT, Silkscreen Dept., therefore we are well experienced in handling OEM and ODM electronic projects.
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