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  • 2023 New Arrival Yellow Duck Baby Water Thermometer
    2023 New Arrival Yellow Duck Baby Water Thermometer
    Water thermometer, as the name implies, is to measure the water temperature tool, baby water temperature meter is to measure the water temperature when the baby takes a bath.The measuring range of the baby water thermometer is smaller than the ordinary thermometer, generally about 10℃-60℃, marked on the scale is suitable for the temperature of the baby bath, convenient for mothers to see. There are many kinds of water thermometers on the market, including kerosene water thermometer, alcohol water thermometer, mercury water thermometer, bath thermometer, electronic water thermometer and so on.Mercury thermometers, most of the previous thermometers are made of mercury and glass as the main material, due to very thin, very large volume due to the temperature difference between water and glass burst, mercury overflow, heavy metals affect the health of the baby. So today's water thermometers are mostly made of non-toxic plastic, filled with alcohol or kerosene.Electronic water thermometer, measurement speed, accurate, safe plastic protection LCD super wide display screen, anti-fall waterproof, human digital display, clear and easy to read.At present, there are bidet thermometer stickers, which will remind when the water temperature is below 36 degrees or above 42 degrees. When the temperature in the bidet drops to the optimal temperature, the bidet stickers will also show "Now is the optimal temperature of 37-40 degrees, please take a bath", which is very user-friendly.
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