How can I save money in my metal piggy bank? Put the money into your savings account. If you want to save for something specific, open a special savings account for just that one goal. If you save your small change, nickel and dime yourself to fatten up your piggy bank. Start small and plan into your budget how you can add more. Why do we save money in piggy bank? The Importance of Piggy Banks, Helps in Organizing Loose Change: You might often end up losing all the change under the couch, in your car, or under your pillow when you go for shopping. Piggy bank is a better way to organize this loose change. You can also save the right amount of money which go wasted every time. Can you put paper money in a piggy bank? A piggy bank is most commonly used to save change, but putting in bills will help you save money faster than if you put in change. Even small bills, such as $1 and $5 bills, will add up quickly if you put them in a piggy bank. 

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