Digital Money Bank


Digital money bank is one kind children toys,it is mainly used for saving coins and cash for kids. Our digital money  banks can identify 23 kinds countries coin’s value, they are: CNY/USD/GBP/EURO/DKK/SEK/NOK/JPY/AUD/HKD/CHF and so on,please noted that each model only can identify one kind country coins,it is the technical restriction.

We have three kinds electronic money banks,the first one is digital money jar,they are mainly identify coins and show the coins value and total value in LCD screen;the second one is digital money box,they can identify coins and deposit cash, but they can also set time,date,alarm in the LCD screen,deposit and withdraw coins& cash with password, the function similar as real ATM machine; the third one is metal money bank,they do not have identify coins function,but can saving many coins and lock them by spin lock or key;

Except the metal money bank,other electronic coin banks are both supported by the AA or AAA battery,but in order to make sure safe transporting,our delivery will not including batteries.

Package can be customized by customer,we will provide die-cutting figure for reference;

If customer need new country coins in the piggy bank,that is also okay,our engineer could help to research and develop new coins identification in the piggy bank,just need some extra developing time and cost.

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