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Sound relaxation machine-008
  • Sound relaxation machine-008
  • Sound relaxation machine-008
  • Sound relaxation machine-008
  • Sound relaxation machine-008
  • Category:SOUND BOX & MUSIC BOX
  • Model:HR-008
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  • Delivery:20-30 days
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Sound relaxation machine is a hot sale product which is helpful for baby/child/adult fast fall asleep,and the main feature is white noise
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Sound relaxation machine-details:

1).Provide 9 soothing sound(ocean,thunder,soothing music,white noise,wind,brook,summer night,rain,relax);

2).Help mask disruptive environmental noise so you and your baby can fall asleep easily;

3).The auto-off 15,30,60mins optional sleep timer;

4).Powered by 4*AA batteries or 5V/1A USB power;

5).Precise volume control allows you to set the perfect level for your unique environmental;

6).Light weight and portable design,easy to carry;

Sound relaxation machine-photo show: