White noise machine can help you in deep sleep

White noise machine can help you in deep sleep

Now,for the heavy working pressure and life factors,more and more people have very weak sleeping quality or even insomnia,bad sleeping may lead much worse result:


2.bad mood;

3.ladies may have ovary dysfunction;

4.feel stressful;

5.endocrine imbalance;

6.get fatter.

In this case,you really need a good device to help you in deep sleep-White Noise Machine.

White noise machine is one kind smart device which can help people bring in deep sleep,and it have features as below:

1. Designed with a unique acoustic housing, unique asymmetrical fan and dual speed motor giving you full control of tone and volume.

2. Creates a natural soothing sound known as "white noise" to make people be relax and fall asleep easily.

3. Sound control: rotating the cap or outer shell to to adjust the air holes.

4. Full touch buttons and warm LED lamps

5. Material: ABS(environmental protection plastic)

6. Cable length:155cm

7. LED lights:20pcs built-in

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